Guess What’s Back in Style? The French Bistro Chair!

Who knew such a design favorite could make a splash in 2013! The No.14 chair also known as the bistro chair makes a stylish and classic choice of seating for your home, garden, and patio. I’ve never come across a piece of furniture that brings with it such a European aroma that instantaneously flips a modern decorated home to a Parisian café fantasy.

The chair was originally designed by Michael Thonet and introduced all the way back in 1859, that’s 154 years ago! He used a unique steam bending technology that required him years to perfect. The affordable price and simple design became one of the best-selling chairs ever made and even won a gold medal at the Word Exposition in Paris. Now a favorite among designers the No.14 is showing up everywhere, take a look:

Ashley Whittaker Design

Schranghamer Design Group

Marcelo Brito

Kate Michels Landscape Design

Roy Campana Photography

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3 Responses to Guess What’s Back in Style? The French Bistro Chair!

  1. anne says:

    I’ve been looking to purchase some of these chairs and am researching different options for my kitchen. Do you know the source of any of these chairs for consumer purchase?


    • Suzy Q says:

      Hi Anne! Would be glad to help, French bistro chairs are a super comfy and stylish addition for your kitchen. I’ve come across some fabulous options for your home:

      - Riviera Armchair Black from Serena and Lily
      - Riviera Counter Stool Black from Serena and Lily

      If you have a breakfast bar you can use the stools! Hope this helps!

      - Suzy

      • Liz says:

        I have also been shopping for these chairs for our dining room update. However, the Serena and Lily chairs have some of the smallest seats. Do you have any comments on the comfort of these smaller seats? The Williams Sonoma chairs have bigger seats but not in my color choice. Others are only sold to the design or restaurant trade.. Appreciate your feedback on seat comfort.

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