Guess What’s Back in Style? The French Bistro Chair!

Who knew such a design favorite could make a splash in 2013! The No.14 chair also known as the bistro chair makes a stylish and classic choice of seating for your home, garden, and patio. I’ve never come across a piece of furniture that brings with it such a European aroma that instantaneously flips a modern decorated home to a Parisian café fantasy.

The chair was originally designed by Michael Thonet and introduced all the way back in 1859, that’s 154 years ago! He used a unique steam bending technology that required him years to perfect. The affordable price and simple design became one of the best-selling chairs ever made and even won a gold medal at the Word Exposition in Paris. Now a favorite among designers the No.14 is showing up everywhere, take a look:

Ashley Whittaker Design

Schranghamer Design Group

Marcelo Brito

Kate Michels Landscape Design

Roy Campana Photography

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2 Responses to Guess What’s Back in Style? The French Bistro Chair!

  1. anne says:

    I’ve been looking to purchase some of these chairs and am researching different options for my kitchen. Do you know the source of any of these chairs for consumer purchase?


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