2013 Decor Trends – Best Print: Retro Botanicals

Expect to see this flowery trend for a while as we have been seeing it everywhere from our walls to our upholstering and even flooring! These botanical textiles and wallpaper patterns inspired by the 1950s have been officially brought back to the 21st century, some even in shiny metallic finishes. Designers are pairing up the sweet metallic wallpaper with neutral yet glossy surfaces and burnished hardware. Others that have matte surfaces do well with antiqued wooden furniture. Try out a retro botanical wallpaper in any space in your home that needs a little pick-me-up!

Camilla Molders

Dufner Heighes

Rachel Reider

Anderson Homes

Tilton Fenwick

Cynthia Mason

Liz Levin

ED Ritger

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One Response to 2013 Decor Trends – Best Print: Retro Botanicals

  1. caren says:

    Love the lemon sorbet wallpaper from Anderson homes….when can I find it? This photo comes up alot with a website iamsaul. com, but they do not credit you.

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