The Hottest Design Trends on our Radar for 2013

Just as we got used to the Greek key and chevron fads of last year we are hit with yet another surge of exciting interior design crazes! Brighter, glossy hues, cozy kitchens, and lots of antique brass, are just a few of the most talked about decorating trends sure to take center stage for 2013. It’s nice to know more of us are becoming braver with their spaces and with the cool variety this year there will certainly be something for everyone. The next few weeks we will be going into more detail on the hottest decorating trends for 2013. In the mean time, take a look at some of the decor trends designers think will be really big in the upcoming months.

Color of the Year – Lemon Sorbet

Finest Finish – Brass

Décor Palettes – Brighter Hues

Best Print – Retro Botanicals

Homey Kitchens

Matt Harrer, Dave and Joi, Leslie Hayes, Jessica Lagrange, SV Design

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One Response to The Hottest Design Trends on our Radar for 2013

  1. Kim L. says:

    I’m looking forward to the new trends for 2013! I especially love the antique brass and retro botanicals.

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