Your Next Bathroom Makeover – Make it a Pot of Gold

Go wild with your next bathroom makeover and try something unanticipated for a change.  Take a good peak into your bathroom – it’s probably a safe color with a bland bathroom set and not much thought put into the overall theme. Why not take advantage of a small, boring space and experiment with something you have always wanted to try. Think about it, if it doesn’t turn out right it’s always easy to go back!

This small space has huge potential so try out a metallic tone from ceiling to tile. Paint your crown molding along with your entire ceiling a metallic gold, and pair it with gold damask wallpaper. Install new shiny tiles to complete your space.

BDP Tip: If you are looking for a quick fix buy a gold faucet, mirror, frames, and… voila!

Mix and Chic

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2 Responses to Your Next Bathroom Makeover – Make it a Pot of Gold

  1. Eden Claire says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous and actually what I’m planning to do in my living room. I own an older style home and trying to keep it in the Victorian era. Unfortunately I am having trouble finding a true metallic gold paint that’s intended for walls or ceilings. Do you have any information on how to achieve this look?

    • Suzy Q says:

      Hi Eden!

      Gold metallic paint can be very hard to find indeed! Especially with Ralph Lauren’s Ballroom Gold being discontinued, I thought I had lost all hope for another amazing gold paint color. Not to worry, RL has come out with yet another two gorgeous hues. Take a look at their page here and scroll to the bottom, you can see they have a Parlor Gold and Golden Candlesticks. Both very beautiful colors.

      Hope this helps!


      Suzy Q

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