How to: New Year’s Party Prep Décor Ideas

Plan the best New Year’s Eve party with these 10 easy decorating ideas just about anyone can do!

1 ) Centerpieces don’t have to be expensive – floating candles and flowers in a wide rimmed glass bowl can give a pretty and classy look.

2 ) For a classy adults only party give your guests face masks and boas to wear during the evening, these always add to the fun!

3 ) Instead of streamers use white lights on a white cord and string them across your ceiling.

4 ) Set up a cute jar of breath mints to give your party-goers easy access and quick fresh-ups throughout the night.

5 ) Party favors like hats and noisemakers can be stashed away under the table for easy access or can be hung with pieces of ribbon from the ceiling.

6 ) Plastic top hats can be used as serving dishes for pretzels, chips, and other snack food.

7 ) Mini lipsticks placed on each table as party favors are a fun way to wear a hot lip color such as bright pink or red. It also gives your guests a change to leave a kiss mark wherever they please!

8 ) Make a centerpiece with margarita glasses filled with mixed nuts.

9 ) Use black table clothes and sprinkle gold confetti around your plates. Tie gold ribbon to the legs of your tables and use contrasting gold charger plates.

10 ) Tie groups of balloons randomly around your home and even let some of them float around freely. Try putting confetti in the balloons to add even more surprise when they are popped!

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  1. Great centerpiece ideas. Getting lots of inspiration.

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