Dressing up a Bare Wall with a Wall Collage

Dress up a bare wall with your favorite photos and artwork by making an easy wall collage! This is a great way to make use of all those mismatching frames and photos that don’t quite fit anywhere in your home. If you are brave enough and want to make your collage even more interesting, mix in 3 dimensional objects and even a mirror into the combination. Start with larger pieces in the center and work your way out. I love to see a wall collage over a fireplace – it makes a space instantly cozy and is a great place to show off family photos and treasures.

Ashley Wittaker

Eclectic Revisited

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One Response to Dressing up a Bare Wall with a Wall Collage

  1. Anne Cacic says:

    Love this collage idea. I have so many framed pictures, but no place to put them.
    Now I do!
    Thanks for the idea!

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