DIY Floral Fabric Pots

Give plain terracotta pots a spin with this easy DIY project you can finish up this weekend. Just about anyone can do this project, even those that aren’t so craft savvy. A little glue and fabric can really go a long way!

DIY Floral Fabric Pots


  • Terracotta pots
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Fabric

DIY Floral Fabric PotsAshley Ann Photography


  1. Cut a length of fabric that will wrap once around your pot. Leave extra room for folding it over the top and bottom. Cut slits in your fabric around the top to avoid puckering.
  2. Coat a section of the pot with Mod Podge and stick the beginning of your fabric to the pot, coating the fabric as well. Do this all the way around and trim the fabric less than an inch so it hangs over the top and bottom.
  3. Fold the fabric at the top and bottom in pleats and coat it with Mod Podge. Let it dry and… voila!

BDB Tip: For indoor use only! If these get wet the glue will most likely wash off!

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19 Responses to DIY Floral Fabric Pots

  1. lauren says:

    I love these! Do you think there’s any way to waterproof these so they would be suitable for outdoor use?

  2. Cami says:

    Could you post what brand/style/name this fabric is? It’s fabulous! What a great project!

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  7. kelly says:

    would outdoor mod podge allow these adorable pots to be outside under a porch roof? maybe apply a coat of clear sealer? I love these, they are so cute!!

  8. Chrissy says:

    I made Polaroid looking coasters with modpodge and sealed them with clear automotive sealer. Maybe you can try to make this and put many thin even coats of the auto sealer on the inside and out.

  9. Marian says:

    Will this work on plastic pots?

    • Suzy Q says:


      I think you would need to use a glue that can glue plastic and it should be able to work the same! Try to make sure the pots don’t get wet, and it should hold up beautifully.

  10. Lisa sharp says:

    i think Thompson makes a spray that’s 4$ for terra cotta pots inside and a fabric spray for the outside, to seal it .

  11. sue bowen says:

    Fabulous ! I have loads of wallpaper which I am going to use and I believe you can get a waterproof mod podge .

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