Decorating Classic – Black and Gold

Decorating a room in black and gold may seem a little “avant garde”, but this look is endlessly classy, traditional, and luxurious. A black and gold room makes a powerful and dramatic statement to any home. Here are some tips on how to get the look:

  • Paint walls black or white with a lacquered finish
  • Use a black couch as the focal point of your room (crocodile embossed leather is super chic now, or use a slip cover)
  • Create contrast with gold throw pillows on your dark sofa (ones with beaded tassels add even more glam)
  • Incorporate glass furniture with gold frames
  • Use gold pillar candles, vases, and table lamps for accessories
  • Opt for a black and white zig zag carpet, or a zebra hide rug

Decorating Classic - Black and Gold

Decorating Classic - Black and GoldSong of Style

Decorating Classic - Black and GoldThe A Estate

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7 Responses to Decorating Classic – Black and Gold

  1. ANDREA SOLIS says:

    i wanted to know the brand of one of the furniture pieces… its the off white and black table in the second picture in the decorating classic black and gold section.

  2. Heidi says:

    Where did you get the gold and black zip-zag pillows in picture number 3? They are to die for and I need them…
    Also, the gold vase and accents….could you let me know where to get those as well? Love the style~

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