Bohemian Decorating in a Gypsy Style Home

Here is another bohemian style decorated home, this time looking more like a fortune tellers house! This house looks a little on the spooky side but manages to have a comfortable atmosphere despite all the dark and gloomy rooms.

To create this magic feel to your home, follow these decorating tips:

  • Beaded detailing: either on lamps, the ends on table cloths or throws, on pillows, curtains, e.t.c
  • Feathers: add pillows with feathered trim or just throw a feathered boa onto a sofa for decoration
  • Keep it comfortable: that means no ultra modern furniture, keep your sofas plush and comfortable
  • Mismatching is Okay: everything doesn’t always have to match, mix it up a bit with all your favorite pieces
  • Hang it up: Hang up your favorite pieces on display such as jewelry to keep things interesting

Bohemian Gypsy HomeBohemian Gypsy HomeBohemian Gypsy Home

Bohemian Gypsy Home

Bohemian Gypsy HomeBohemian Gypsy HomeBohemian Gypsy HomeBohemian Gypsy Home

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6 Responses to Bohemian Decorating in a Gypsy Style Home

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  2. Grace Darcy says:

    This page makes this particular style look rich and perfect, which is the exact opposite of the Bohemian style. Your room in reality shouldn’t look like something out of a BetterHomes magazine. It should be fitted to your personality, interests and your tastes. Bohemian themed is a style that fits more introverted people. Those who enjoy spending a lot of time to themselves, reading, making things with their hands, maybe listening to classical music. Just keep in mind that your inner being will be reflected in the place you live in. It may take some experimentation to find your ideal living space. Bohemian style decorating really isn’t that hard. You don’t need a big pocketbook to do it, either. When I turned sixteen, I was ready to let go of the little girl in me and buy more hardy furniture, make the feel of the room more sophisticated, make my bedroom a place where I actually wanted to be. The first thing to do(and this is imperative) get rid of all the white particle board furniture. That immediately sends the signal “CHEAP”. A great replacement, if you’re looking to make it Bohemian themed, is antique furniture. Do some exploring : estate sales, Goodwill, garage sales or Ebay, etc. You may even find something in your attic! Next is paint and flooring. For paint, its best to use a subdued hue of any color. Neons are to be avoided. When it comes to flooring, its best to stay safe to wood planks or parque but tile works just as well when its an earthy tone. Its best to stay away from carpeting or rugs. The surrounding color and designs will make the space overpowering and make your head spin. Decorating is the fun part. For bedding its a good idea to start with a solid comforter and then pile on layers of a variety of patterns and designs; colorful quilts are wonderful, but be sure that all the patterns have the same color scheme. Use old vintage or antique trinkets and books on shelves. Seriously, theres no limit to the stuff you can use. For wall hangings, use drapes of coordinating colors. Beaded curtains are a classic gypsy accent for a walk-in closet. Little house plants planted in used tea tins are a great way to add a bit of life. Hang old framed black-and-white pictures to fill empty wall space. A genius storage idea is an old trunk or chest (for shoes or supplies) then pile linens on the top. The main idea is to overdo it with the old textures, patterns, and kitsche but all the while, making the space a relaxing environment. Make the place look lived-in! It really isn’t difficult and this project is super fun. But don’t base your room off of one specific idea or picture you see on the internet because the real excitement of making a Bohemian bedroom is to watch it create its own personality. Hope this was helpful!

  3. Carien Theron says:

    I love the way of the Gypsy decorating and style.My mom ‘s home has always decorated like a gypsy home.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I love your input and approach. It is really important to create the space loving your particular style and watching it unfold into something fabulous that you can totally take the credit for. Don’t use others ideas be creative and make it happen your way.

  5. astrid myklebust says:

    bohemian decorating look interesting , I want try it to my new house

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