How to: Arrange a Flower Centerpiece for Spring

Don’t just keep your the beautiful flowers in the garden, show them off inside! If you don’t have a magnificent garden because most of us don’t have the time, buy faux flowers and create a lasting spring arrangement!

To immediately create a dramatic centerpiece, follow these simple steps:

1. Once you’ve planned your arrangement and cleaned your chosen container or pot, cut a piece of heavy-duty foam to fit into the base of your container.

2. Prepare your flowers by cutting the blossoms loose from stems if they are bundled together. If necessary, extend the stems with wire and floral tape.

3. Always start your flower arrangement from the center, using the longest, tallest blossoms, and working out. Push the wire stems through the foam, using a spot of hot glue to hold them in place.

4. Work your arrangement outwards, filling in bare areas with greenery or smaller blossoms, vines, or decorative feathers, beads, masks, and ribbons.

5. To take care your flower arrangement, just give the flowers a good dusting with a feather duster or blow dust off with a hair dryer, making sure not to melt the flowers. Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight as much as possible to keep the flowers from fading.

Check out these fresh flower arrangements, all of them adding instant life to any room!

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Create a Flower Arrangement Architectural Digest

Create a Flower Arrangement

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