Leopard Stairs: ALL THE RAGE

Want to add a splash of animal print in your home but don’t know how or where? Why not dress up the stairs with a gorgeous animal print runner! This home update is a quick-fix on any tired looking home that is in desperate need of a face-lift. Pair it with neutral walls and furniture to eliminate “competition” in the room. This is an inexpensive fix that is guaranteed to create a “wow” factor to any entrance.

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2 Responses to Leopard Stairs: ALL THE RAGE

  1. Holli Brown says:

    Where did you get the animal print runners? I have a 16 stair spiral maple wooden entry way. I have Venetian walls a light tan/brown. I have gold pic frames of different horses. I just need a good place to order the animal runner. Also thinking of staining the bottom portion of the stairs dark ! Love your style ;-)

    • Suzy Q says:

      Hey there!

      Sounds like your on your way to having a glamorous home! I love the fact that your mixing a equestrian style in with your decor – so chic! If you want to add a runner to your stairs, you can easily order online from this site (Its about 100 GBP or 160 US per meter).

      Or why not switch it up and get a leopard cow hide rug and put it at the bottom of the stairs? Check it out here for only $250 – a steal!

      So far it sounds good, maybe you can send me some pics when your done your project? I’d love to see it :)


      Suzy Q

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